Week ending 4/20/14… Puff Puff Pass

Well finished my first full week of structured training and here is the rest of the workouts and week totals.17.Apr.14 ThursdayPlanned:Strength Endurance 1.5hrs3x8min w/ 8min off Z360-70rpmActual:1:30:04 (easy to be punctual indoors)Followed workout as planned21.3 mi on indoor trainerStravaNotes:Called into work so did the workout on trainer indoors.  Day was a bit busy so this …

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Workouts as of 16.Apr.14

I have finished 3 days of workouts and they have been pretty good so far. I have followed workout plans in the past and the issue is always 'following the plan'.  Tough to go from just doing what I want to a structured plan.  Several days are ride for x in this zone so there …

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