Hut Tripping – Fowler Hilliard Hut, CO

General Info:
Info page:
Coordinates: N39° 29.579′ W106° 17.395′
Trail Head: Camp Hale up McAllister Gulch
Date(s): Jan 21 – 23, 2015

Felt pretty lucky to receive the invitation to a hut trip with some pretty stout individuals and fit it in to our hectic work schedules.  Another bonus is this hut.  I have heard from several others that this is their favorite hut and the terrain around it offered some great skiing in close proximity to it. As long as there is quality snow to ski on..

This has been a lean snow year so far so snow falling on our drive to meet some of the group in Breckenridge the night before was a welcome sight and the 7-8” on the cars at the trail head also helped improve the outlook for this trip.  The organizers father decided to hire a snowmobile to haul in his pack and save his legs for some skiing and exploring, they also hauled in the alcohol and food.  Lighter packs for the almost 6 mile skin in.. Double bonus!!

We all goofed around and shouldered our ‘lighter’ packs at the trailhead and skinned/snowshoed in on a well marked trail 

Skins hung to dry and the next morning we geared up for some skiing.  The terrain around the hut goes from safe lower angle to rollovers and traps. Pick your poison based on conditions and have fun..

This was my first backcountry tour on my new DPS Wailer Pure3 99’s and Dyanfit Radical Boots.  Love this new rig and this was the first time that I did not have blisters on my heel that looked like craters on the moon.  I also switched back to Black Diamond skins   I used G3 skins on my last rig and hated the low grip and welcomed the grip and slide of the BD’s… 


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