Training Summary: 28.Apr.14 – 5.May.14

This was a bit of a jacked up week. I was busy at work so missed a strength endurance workout and had a day off before making up a mountain ride. Definitely feeling tired towards the end of this week of training and Alison told me ‘good, you are supposed to be tired going into the rest week.’ Had some issues with the mountain bike. Aside from the seatpost issue, the drive-side crank arm loosened repeatedly during rides after taking the bike in for a complimentary tune to Bicycle Experience. Both bikes needed some TLC and gave it to them today.

I took the drive arm off the Stumpy and found the threads were greased. Grrr. Cleaned them with brake cleaner and then greased the splines on the shaft. Shut your demented mouth. Reinstalled and peddled around the neighborhood without any loosening or sounding like a the deck of a wooden ship. Will see how it goes on a ride. Will bring 8mm hex to be sure. The cross bike was dirty from a past ride and the chain was making some squeaks while on the trainer. May need to change to road gearing because I am maxed out in the gears and barely staying in the appropriate heart rate zone. Getting stronger. Or I could just get a road bike. Hmmm.

Coming up on rest week so I will review some of the gear I have purchased recently. Here is the summary for the week:



  • Endurance
  • 1.5hr
  • 95 – 105 rpm in zone 2


  • As planned
  • 1:16:06
  • 18.5 mi.



The day seemed to get away from me and I had less time than required to get the workout in so it was 15 minutes short. Didn’t want to be late for the Distillery 291 dinner at The Blue Star. Which was amazing!





  • Work day and rest/recovery day scheduled. Truck academy training day that involved lifting ladders all day and rescuing dummies from windows so it was pretty physical.




  • Strength Endurance 2.5hrs
  • 30min warm up
  • 5×8 with 8min off
  • 60 – 70 rpm z3
  • Finished in z2 for 48min


  • As planned
  • 2:30:53
  • 37.3mi


This was a brutal one. Really felt it at the end and sucked riding on the trainer. Also did a weight workout at Vital Performance with Steve.




1.5hr Z2


  • As planned
  • 1:52:15
  • 10min warm up and cool down also
  • 25.9mi


Legs are definitely feeling it.



Strength Endurance, 2.5hrs total

30min warm up

5 x 8, 60 – 70rpm Z3 with 10 min rest


  • Work the next day and a 3hr mountain ride is planned so I decided to switch and do the ride today.
  • 28.2mi
  • 2:55:35
  • Strava


Damn drive side loosened up on the climb up Palmer so had to do less than planned and adjust course. Took bike in after ride to have post removed for warranty replacement, pos! Mounted a Garmin VIRB Elite to the helmet and went over the bars coming down Bear Creek trail. Little video of it. Broke the sticky mount off and scratched the lens cover.



2.5hr Strength Endurance from 2.May.14





Made it through the warm up and after several calls interrupted the workout I was frustrated and stopped. Worked last night and was up most of the night and it had been a busy day. Pissed!



  • 3hr mountain ride



Worked yesterday and planned on making up partial workout but the day did not cooperate. On way home from work friend called and invited me to come ride Buffalo Creek with some people. I had wanted to ride there for some time and decided to do this ride and then start the rest week. Legs felt tired at the start and on the climbs. Fun ride with everyone and went over the bars on a technical section.

Even burned it is a beautiful area to ride.

Not as bad as it looks
Mike getting the weight back.

Week total:

  • 145.3mi
  • 12:29:00

Not too bad and even with getting cut short at work it was higher than previous weeks. Going to do my brsT to rest this week. Would like to get a incline in but probably should follow the plan and rest.



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