Training update

Was out of town for a quick trip and was unable to get anything posted. I know you have missed reading about my training. Because of the trip my mileage was a bit down last week. Well here is the breakdown for 21.Apr.14 to 27.Apr.14



  • Strength and Endurance 1.5 hrs
  • 5x6min on and 6min off 60-70 rpms Z3
  • 20min warm up and finish in Z2


  • 1:30:07
  • Indoor so was as planned
  • 22.2mi
  • Strava


It was a beautiful day but I was at work so had to do this inside. Not fun getting harassed by the muscle heads at work.



  • 1hr Endurance on trainer
  • 95-105rpms in Z2


  • 1:10:06
  • Indoor so as planned with some warm up and cool down.
  • Strava


Another work day so indoors. Nothing exciting!



  • 2hr Strength and Endurance
  • Same as earlier workout but 1/2hr longer endurance Z2 at end


  • 2:34:04 Mountain Bike ride
  • Z2-4
  • Worked on skills
  • Strava


Tired of being inside on the trainer and had to get outside. This workout was planned for the next day which would be impossible since I would be working. I planned on swapping the workouts but it was a busy day at work and did not get to the Strength Endurance workout. Really loving my bike and set more PR’s on the ride. Worked on descending skill and letting the bike roll when I came down section 16 and through Red Rocks. Damn Specialized Command Post is leaking air and needs to be pumped up before every ride. Never had issue with my reverb.



  • 2hr Mtn or Road Ride
  • Variable cadence in Z2-4


  • 2:02:29 Mountain Ride
  • Z2-4 and skills in Palmer Park
  • Strava


Need to learn the trails of Palmer Park better for flow. I didn’t download the ride I did with a few friends from a few weeks back so I ended up repeating some areas. Definitely the place to work on technical climbing and descending skills. Lucky to have this place in town.


Week Total:

  • 87.9mi
  • 7:16:00


Bit short on actual mileage but it was good to get down to Canyonlands for some hiking. Didn’t get to hike as much as planned because of nasty weather but the hot springs in Glenwood were nice! Also found some great places to eat!




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