Week ending 4/20/14… Puff Puff Pass

Well finished my first full week of structured training and here is the rest of the workouts and week totals.

17.Apr.14 Thursday


  • Strength Endurance 1.5hrs
  • 3x8min w/ 8min off Z3
  • 60-70rpm


  • 1:30:04 (easy to be punctual indoors)
  • Followed workout as planned
  • 21.3 mi on indoor trainer
  • Strava

Called into work so did the workout on trainer indoors.  Day was a bit busy so this was immediately after dinner on a full belly.. Burp.. Felt pretty good.

18.Apr.14 Friday


  • Rest or Recovery


  • Rest

Was going to do a afternoon recovery ride but the morning got away from me and had to repay a favor to a friend getting a divorce and moved furniture. Is moving furniture considered a rest day?

19.Apr.14 Saturday


  • Variable Intensity, Z2-4
  • 2hr mountain bike ride
  • Practice skills


  • Variable intensity, how can it not be riding the hills around here.
  • 2:59:46
  • 32.3mi
  • Practiced relaxing downhill and getting leaning the bike into turns
  • Strava

Nutrition Consumed:

Installed a Wolftooth 28T front ring before the ride. Liked being able to spin on more of the the hill sections and not have to grind up. I think I will really appreciate it when I start doing some longer rides and the legs are tired. Erin was on my heels on the climbs so I was being pushed by here and I attempted to keep Jon in site on the climbs and descents. Both of these animals help me set some PR’s on the ride. Combined with me really getting comfortable on the new bike and really loving the way it handles. Really liked the taste of the Skratch Labs hydration mix.  Put 2 scoops in 20oz bottle and it dissolved quickly and no residue in the bottle was found.  I also noticed that I didn’t feel the need to chase it with water to remove any lingering sweetness or stickiness out of my mouth. Was pretty hungry at the end of the ride and if I was going to be out longer I should have consumed something with more substance. Didn’t feel any bonking or cramps coming on either.  Effort and distance were pretty similar to the AFA Falcon ride from home a couple of weeks ago and I felt better after this ride. 

20.Apr.14 Sunday


  • Endurance
  • 1hr on trainer
  • Z2, 95-105rpm


  • Endurance
  • 1:10:16, bit of warm-up and cool down
  • 16mi
  • Strava

Rode the trainer at work. Feeling a bit sluggish after drinking beer at a Saison festival all day yesterday.  

Totals for the week:

  • 122.9mi
  • 10hr11min
Nothing super crazy and will increase as intervals increase and ride times also go up. Probably going to be lower next week because of a hiking trip to Moab over the weekend. 


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