Workouts as of 16.Apr.14

I have finished 3 days of workouts and they have been pretty good so far. I have followed workout plans in the past and the issue is always ‘following the plan’.  Tough to go from just doing what I want to a structured plan.  Several days are ride for x in this zone so there is still some freedom but when friends call I am now ‘that guy’ who says “sorry, I have to do x workout and need to stay in my zone..”  You have seen the YouTube videos making fun of these people and now I am one.  Well if I want results I will have to just suffer and be that guy.

I am also experimenting with using workouts on the Garmin 510 and need to adjust a bit in using it. Garmin is supposedly trying to chase down Strava and changing the interface with the Connect site.  I don’t think they have a chance but will wait before I put a nail in that coffin. It is improved for sure but segments are missing and a bunch of other stuff but you can get valuable information for free, after buying a Garmin device. Here is what mine looks like.

Would be nice if more of the widgets provided some snapshot information.

Here are the workouts so far:

Starting weight: 184.5lb

14.Apr.14, Monday

  • Strength Endurance
  • 1.5hr total
  • 20 min warm-up
  • 4x6min on off repeats of Z3 with 60-70rpm
  • Finish in z2
Snowed the day before and it was a bit cool at the start but the sun was out and it warmed during the workout.  Did not pay attention to the details or which one was the correct one that I uploaded to the Garmin so when it finished after 3 repeats I was at a loss since I knew I had to do four and did not pay attention when they were 8 min long, Wed workout length with Monday repetitions.  So I did the correct amount but for longer. More is better, right? Also used some HEED in the bottle because of the effort. First real effort after 5 days of intestinal virus that drained me.

15.Apr.14, Tuesday
  • Recovery
  • 1hr recovery day or day off
  • 95-105rpm
  • Z1

  • 1:04:32
  • 9.2 miles on road and dirt jogging path on mountain bike
  • Strava
It is a work day and up to me to take the day off or do a easy spin.  Decided to use it as a easy commute to work. All day training planned so pack was loaded with food for the day and found it took a bit to get legs spinning in specified area and to stay in HR zone I was not moving very fast.  Just had some water.


1.5hr MTB ride
17.6 miles
Not a bad night at work and warmer than I thought it would be. More roads than I wanted but had to run to FDC to pickup a item. Quick tour of Lower Bear Creek Park and then home. Feeling pretty good.

Came home today and found my Skratch Labs order had come in.  I have been HEED and Edurolytes in my bottles but there always seemed to be some residue that had to be scrubbed out of my bottle or all of it did not mix.  I have been wanting to try Skratch products for some time and with my bottle of HEED almost empty I made a order, along with “The Feed Zone Cookbook”

Will let you know my opinions.. Hopefully there products perform better than my mountainbike shoes after a handful of rides.  Supposedly a replacement pair are on the way.  They are the Specialized Rime shoes that are otherwise really nice. More to come on them later also. Damn list is growing..


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