Getting at it.. Well. Sort of.

Oh lucky day when I received a phone call from a friend telling me he won the lottery into the Leadville 100 mountain bike race.  Which meant that because he was in so was I and the others we entered with as a ‘team’.  Not exactly the type of lottery that I was hoping on winning but since it is on my bucket list I was pretty jazzed. Especially since this was the first time I have tried to enter and many of my other friends with much more cycling prowess than myself have been trying for years without success were excited for me but also squirted chainlube in my face from jealousy.

Well I needed to change a few things to get ready.

  • Get my ass training
  • Get a new bike
For the training bit I contacted the local badass Alison Dunlap to create a training plan for me. I have ‘The Time-Crunched Cyclist’, ‘Endurance Training for Athletes’, and other training books in my home library but didn’t want to spend the time trying to figure out ride time, periodization calendar, HR zones for rides and the rest of it.  Since this is going to be my only ‘race’ that I have planned I opted for a monthly plan. I get a personalized plan based on an extensive questionnaire related to goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc.  

I was supposed to start training last week but a viral invasion into my GI tract caused me to cut a MTB trip to Fruita, CO short and miss a couple of days at work and delayed my training.  I spoke to Alison and changed the plan to start on Monday and also take into account a hiking trip to Canyonlands at the end of the month. So the workout will start tomorrow, Monday. Hopefully my plumbing will stay sealed long enough to complete a 1.5hr strength and endurance workout that is planned. I would much rather ride outside than indoors on a trainer.  I will just bring a wag bag and toilet paper as a security blanket.

Since my life is in a tailspin (getting a divorce) and I ‘won’ entry into a bucket list race what else should you do but get a new bike? Besides I hated the Fox fork and wanted to upgrade to 1×11. By the time I did all the upgrades I might as well get a new bike. So I sold my Niner R.I.P 9 and on the recommendations of several friends I went with the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert Carbon 29er, what a mouthful. The Niner is a great bike but in the few rides on it I have no regrets and the stumpy rocks! 

Here is the new bitch. All stealthy and blacked out!

Will get a review of the bike and few other things out soon.. Just a quick update and review to what is coming. 

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