Post Surgery Update

My shoulder is feeling well and I see increased range of motion with decreased pain when performing my physical therapy. During my post op meeting at the surgeons office it was reiterated to me that this injury is worse, originally a partial supraspinatus sheath tear to a complete tear, than my right shoulder but that I should recover.  Here is my therapy routine:

Pretty hardcore!  This is all I am allowed to do for the next 6 weeks and no running. I have set up the cross bike on the indoor trainer and have been walking a few miles here and there to keep some semblance of fitness going on . I have also tried to think about what I am putting the the pie hole since my activities are limited and I would like to continue the weight loss. 

I stopped taking all pain meds (narcotic and non-narcotic) and was having good results with the cooling sleeve in controlling my pain.  Until I went for evaluation by the work comp office.  It was pointed out to me that my liver will not implode and that the anti-inflammatories will help speed my recovery when used with ice and compression. Back on the drug train.. The therapist also evaluated my ‘exercises’ and provided some helpful feedback, ‘the exercises are passive and meant to keep range of motion (rom), go slow and easy.’

My left knee also appears to be getting better with the running cessation and not using the Hokka shoes.  I have reverted to walking in a pair of La Sportiva Vertical K trail shoes.  These things are like little slippers of love and the cessation of pain reinforces my theory that the Hokka’s were the root cause of my knee pain. I am not saying that Hokka’s are bad shoes, they just don’t work for me.  I had this issue when I tried a pair of Saucony shoes years ago and have never tried another pair of them again either.  People are different and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa..

On unrelated note 4 firefighters in Houston, Tx died in a 5 alarm fire today.  The one true fear I have is that this happens where I work while I am on duty and I am the incident commander.   

Here is the indoor pain cave..


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