Little Run in Bear Creek

Well if there is one thing to get you going and feeling like a dink is using the Strava app.  Granted I have several friends that  make me feel ‘ not worthy’ but you really start to see what they are doing and what you are not then you feel worse.  I had to go work on our money pit in Bear Creek, that is now for sale, and decided to take a run through Bear Creek Park.  This was a fun loop that I liked to do in the mornings or when time permitted. Unfortunately I remembered it being twice as long. Here is the Strava link.  I am really loving the La Sportiva Vertical K minimalist trail shoes. Who said ballet shoes on an elephant can’t help them dance?

Why Strava? It is very social and I get to see different routes in just about every area.  Just when you are feeling cocky and you think you crushed that climb your stats show up and your time is many times slower than the other local hotshots.  Hint: Look at what bike they are riding before trashing someones time. You on your roadbike is different than someone on a moutain bike. If you watch cycling and you wonder how the local climbs are graded the map will tell you.  This is all free and there are many more options if you go paid.

Unfortunately I purchased the Timex Run Trainer GPS (review coming), deal of century at REI garage sale, and not a Garmin unit.  Garmin units sync seamlessly with Strava and there are apps for all you mobile needs.  The problem in using apps is the drain on the battery and carrying your phone with you.  I am not going to get into listening to music at this time and my views, more on that later. Timex is tied in with Training Peaks and everything downloads easily with a ton of information at your fingertips. The data format from Timex is not currently supported by Strava but there is a converter to convert the data and then upload. PITA but oh well, hopefully it changes soon.  Training Peaks really is a full featured training site where your coach, or you, can lay out a detailed workout plan and communicate via the website.  They also have a mobile app to add meals, weight, and workouts. You can’t actively track a workout via the app.

Bear Creek offers some nice riding/running but you will be out in the open.  If it is hot outside and you are looking for shade or cooler elevations than look elsewhere.  If you are new to mountain biking the wide, gravely trails will give you plenty of room. Just remember this is a multi-use trail (equestrians, joggers, and rabid soccer moms) will be there also so take care on blind corners.  The park extends from 8th street to Lower Gold Camp with many loop variations.  This is a popular place for foot, mountain and cyclocross racing and can be quite packed on the weekends.

Here is a pic looking back towards town. You get an idea of the shade offered.

If you really want to feel like a piker check out this local freak, Brownie.   Makes you want to get off your ass, drink, eat and enjoy hookers and blow. I added the last two… Damn this was longer than I thought, LATE..


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