Sorry, I know you have been going crazy wondering when my next update was coming. Here it is.


Wt. 189.2


Not going to post anything related to miles because there wasn't anything exciting to report. After running in my new La Spotiva trail shoes I was pretty crippled for a bit. Not sure if it was just the shoes or starting the strength program from Catalyst Athletics. I was only able to get a bit of treadmill work in, aside from the weights. My body weight dhal fluctuated a bit. I was up to almost 193 but it seems to be coming down again.

I did get the adventure out for about a 400 mile ride, could have easily doubled that but life calls.

Other highlights:

  • New Batman movie: awesome and Ann Hatthaway is smoking.
  • Witnessed hiker meltdown on section 16, epic.
  • Received cable jump rope and flogged myself with it. Not recommended to use a cable jump rope in socks.

Promise to get of my ass for some reviews and other random shit from my life. And the preparations are beginning in earnest for the Baja trip on the KTM!