#Crossfit workout 1.2.11

Welcome to the new year and the first Crossfit workout of 2012.  Well my legs are still feeling the last work out and I started my Big Sur marathon training yesterday with a 9 mile run.  Prescribed workout is listed with my substitutions and weights in parenthesis.   


Jog 400m or row 500m (row), then 2 sets of dumbbell complex
  8 up-right row
  8 muscle snatch, below the knee
  8 thrusters
  8 stiff legged dead-lift
  8 bent over rows

Alternating leg push-off, 2 x16 total 

Snatch balance, 1 x 4, 3 x 3 (overhead squat with bar, 5 x 5)*


Complete AMRAP in 12 min of:
  3 squat snatches 52.5/35kg m/f (snatch with overhead squat, 30kg)*
  6 push-ups with release
  9 pistoles, alternating (single legged squats 5 each, 20lb dumbbell in each hand)
I completed 5 rounds.

Heavy med ball sit ups, 2 x 8

*includes 20kg bar weight

Still feeling quite congested and coughed up some lovely lung cookies afterwards.  Also stayed a bit and worked on pull ups and ring dips.  I had to substitute with overhead squats because I still struggle with just bat weight and the additional 10 kilos made my form suffer towards the end and I had to pause and rest doing just 3 reps. Also trying not to add too much weight while I am still working on form, this blog post from Catalyst today reinforced how important form is in lift progression and injury prevention.




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