#Crossfit workout 12.30.11

Because of illness and holiday travel, it has been over a week since my last Crossfit workout.  Not only does it piss me off because I feel like a turd but the money wasted on membership days not used.  I was greeted with “have not seen you in awhile” when I walked in so it was good that my absence was noticed and I was missed. I have still not fully recovered from this frigging winter cold but I had to soldier on so here is the pain. Oh, Friday workouts are usually a buster and this one was.
Jog 400m or row 500m, I jogged today, then,
Kettlebell circuit (20kg for me)
8 around the world, each way

  • 10 sumo dead-lift high pulls 
  • 10 swings 
  • 8 snatches each arm 
  • 8 thrusters each arm 
  • 3 Turkish get-ups 


Box jumps, 2 x 5, 30″

Power clean 4 x 3 (50,60,60,60) I accidentally did extra set.

10 round for reps of:

  • 30″ barbell sumo dead lift high pulls 43/30kg 
  • 30″ body weight lunge squat jumps 
  • 30″ rest 
  • Keep count of total reps 

Back extensions 2 x 10

If I were to name this workout it would be ‘jelly legs’ because I could hardly walk after this.  I was able to do the prescribed workout and my total reps 311. 



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