#Crossfit workout 12.20.11

Feeling a bit crappy still but started to improve so I went to the noon workout. I generally try to avoid this workout because it is pretty popular with the people with ‘normal’ jobs and there is a bootcamp workout at the same time. The crowd was in full force today. Even with a fair number of people at the gym I feel that I get the attention of Paul and he is quick to correct my lack of form.

Warm-up: Row 500m, (I chose to practice double unders instead of waiting for a rower), then;
2 weighted sets of barbell circuit (30kg)
5 upright row
5 muscle snatch, below the knee
5 step ups, each leg
5 squat to press
5 lunges, each leg

Plyo; single leg push off 2 x 12, each leg

Snatch pulls 5-5-5-5 (70kg)
Then practice a skill for 10 minutes. More double unders and ring dips for me.

WOD; 4 rounds for time
5 hand stand push ups (10 with band assistance)
10 pistoles, alt leg for 10 with 10kg. (body weight)

Toes to bar 2 x 8

The workout started a bit rough but felt pretty good at the end. Shortly after getting home I had an energy crash and the cold/sore throat that I had been fighting hit with a vengeance. I am writing this on Friday (12.23.11), after calling out sick to work. I have not worked out since and I hope to start feeling better soon because it is killing me not to be outside.

I am not going to get deep into dieting or lifestyle right now. I will say that I am trying to lead a primal/paleo lifestyle. After listening to various podcasts and reading several books the decision was easy for me. What is wrong with eating healthy whole foods and avoiding processed foods that cause inflammation or insulin resistance? The Naturally Engineered blog entry here has links to people you should read/follow/listen to their podcasts.


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