Warm-up, jog 400m or row 500m then,
Two sets of dumbbell complex (20lb)
8 upright row
8 muscle snatch, below the knee
8 thrusters
8 stiff legged
8 bent over rows

Plyo, Lunge squat jumps, 16 – 16

L-sits 2 x 60″ (ouch, hold for 60″. If heels touch after 15, then add to next hold time til 60).

WOD, “Wood”
Complete 5 rounds for time of, (30 min limit)
400m run
10 burpee box jumps
10 sumo dead-lift, high pulls rx 43, I used 30kg for both on barbell.
10 thrusters
Rest 1 minute

Times at end of each completed round. 4’10”, 9’43”, 15’28”, 27’33”

This was a 6 am workout so I had to get up about 0445 to feed the and walk the pets. I do not like to eat in the am before these workouts. I may drink some coffee or tea with plenty of water. I started a 72 hour stint at work after this and was only able get get in a 30 min treadmill walk on Friday, rested on Saturday, and hour jog and hour walk on the treadmill on Sunday. Of course Sunday was spectacular and it would have been nice to do cardio on a trail vs the basement on a treadmill.