Crossfit Workout 15.Dec.11

This has been a lax week for me and crossfit. I attempted a 13er and just did not feel it and felt like ass on Monday so I rested a bit. Not sure what happened on the hike. Did not sleep much at work the past week and hit crossfit pretty good so maybe my body was just tired? Ok, enough of that..

Pain of the day.

Warm up:
row 500m then,
10 Burpees
10 Walking lunge steps
10 Overhead squats with bar (I still have issues with these and can only go about 10kilos over bar weight when in workout).
10 DB thrusters with jump (used 25lb)
10 Medicine ball cleans (20lb ball for me)
10 Back extensions

Bodyweight squat jumps 2×8

Squats 4×6 (50,70,80,85 kg) My progression, still finding optimal weights.

WOD: “Diane”
Complete 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:
Dead lift 100kg male/70kg female (I used 90 and could have done the rx)
Handstand pushups (still using band assistance, have issues completing 10 on my own)
My time was 7’05”, the fit boys were doing it around 4minutes..

Afterwards I worked on double unders, pull ups, and ring dips. Not going to get any other cardio in today but will, hopefully, get some when I start my 72 hours at work tomorrow.

Here is the Diane demo video for your pleasure..


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