First ice climbing outing of the season

Headed out for my first day of ice climbing this season at Hully Gully with Steve from UpaDowna.  I pretty much missed last ice and ski season because of shoulder surgery I set up a top rope. My memory was a bit off so my top rope anchor made for a bit of rope.

The ice was a bit thin but will take some short screws and very selective placements to limit damage. You can see the brown of the rock coming through, especially on climbers left.

The day warmed a bit and the limited amount of snow remaining was starting to melt, making the left side a bit wet. The warming temps did make tool placements easy and we were careful to preserve the climb and not hack sections off. Evidence of other climbers also made for some easy hooking and limiting our day.

It was a good first day out and took a run or two to get back in the ice mode and attempting to move efficiently upwards. Hoping to really get in some good ice and alpine climbs in this season..


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