4 Hour Body: Week 5 Summary

Well another week down and it was a tough one. I am weighing in one day early because today (Thursday) is going to be a binge day. My wife is off and we are going to head up to Neptune Mountaineering for a ski the himalaya movie and presentation. Since we will be in the People Republic of Boulder we are going to a great Ethiopian resteraunt, Ras Kasas. The less open minded friend seem to always ask “what is on the menu besides sand?”  Do no follow the unelightened, try Ethipian food.

Well back to the diet.  I lost .8 inches this week and gained .6 pounds.  I am still feeling good and seeing some definition in my abs.  My physical therapy is picking up. I was able to get one run of 3.4 miles in and rode ~15miles on my indoor trainer.  Also did one pool session this week. When I weighed myself yesterday morning I was actually lighter, 185.6.  I had a moment last night and ate some bread with olive oil, apple whiskey and a peppermint patty..  I have been doing the PAGG supplimentation and have not seen any big changes. I think once they are completed I will stop that supplimentation. Well that is it. Hoping to get another run and pool session in tomorrow. 


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