>4 hour Body Diet Update

>I am changing my weigh-in to Friday, this would better reflect the weeks loss (or gain, hope not) but I will post here and change my data on my spreadsheet. After reading the book I had some questions and yesterday Tim Ferris posted a blog post that answered several questions I had. I will summ up the blog post here but reading the whole thing is recommended..

The most shocking thing I noticed was that Tim was thinking about starting a forum, with a cost of $9.95/mo… REALLY… That is insane. I read several forums and they are all free. Even then forum for paleo by Robb Wolf is free. Is he going to give people the golden key to life, I do not think so. I am sure there will be those that will pay and this is a muse to generate income off the work of others, as described in his prior book “The Four Hour Work Week.” Trust me, I am not hating Tim for this, I looking for my muse but I am not paying to be part of a forum..

The book is a bit confusing in the layout (Tim, who edited this thing?) so here are some clarifications on what not eat (except for cheat days):
  • Yams
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Dairy (this includes cheese and yogurt of all kinds)
Little more on dairy..

“I mention cottage cheese at one point as a last resort. It is low in lactose, which is what you need to avoid. Ghee and cream (for coffee) should contain little or no lactose, hence you can use them. The same goes for effectively lactose-free, unflavored whey protein, etc..

[Note for the PubMed readers: It’s true that whey is partially (or wholly) responsible for the insulinemic response of most dairy, but avoiding lactose seems to be more directly correlated to faster fat-loss in the diet subjects I’ve tracked. Needless to say, avoiding all dairy is the simplest solution.]”

I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and it is starting to get a bit trying. My wife is continuing to eat her normal diet and watching her eat bread with dipping oils is driving me crazy. But I must persevere. It is important that I give the diet time and here is the direct text from the blog update about timing:

“On the critical 4-6 week window:

For people over 40 and women (especially after two kids), it’s quite common that the most dramatic fat-loss and weight change comes after 4-6 weeks on the diet. I have no explanation for this. Needless to say, if you haven’t done the diet for AT LEAST four weeks, please don’t post a comment about plateauing and panicking. I can’t give you meaningful advice without a ton of other supporting data (blood tests, etc.), and it’s physically impossible for me to respond to each person.

To reiterate: The entire goal of 4HB is to make you a self-sufficient self-experimenter within safe boundaries. Track yourself, follow the rules, and track the changes if you break or bend the rules. Simple as that. That’s what I did to arrive at my conclusions, and that’s what you will do — with a huge head start with the 4HB — to arrive at yours.

Do it for 4 weeks and then troubleshoot if you’re plateauing.”

There really is a wealth of information contained in the blog post mentioned in the opening so I highly recommend reading it. Will see what happens on Friday.


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